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Operation Scorpion

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So what's the deal with that? Didn't GW stand so proudly on that aircraft carrier about a month ago and declare 'hostilities over' in Iraq?

Didn't we all happilly move on, to Laci Peterson and tax cuts, knowing the war had been so neatly concluded, and there was now a free democratic govt. ruling Iraq and daisies were blooming and children were dancing and there was warm sunshime every day, and all our good American boys had come home?

Okay, so maybe I exagerate; maybe there was still a little 'mopping up' to do, and there was that 'untidiness with the looting and all. Even Rummy would concede that.

But now I hear that they're launching this new 'operation' over there, the biggest deployment since the height of the atual war? You mean, people are still dying and shit over there, and shit? Shit, man.

Not that you'd know it by checking The big boys there apparently think that this morning I'd rather know that Prince William of England has been accused of speeding, then what's, say, going on in Afghanistan right now.

Yeah, good thing we fought that war there, huh? We wrapped up that one nice and clean and put a pretty bow on top, didn't we? Afghanistan is a virtual paradise now. There's no chance in hell that somebody might be able to exploit the poverty and civil war stricken population, stir up anti-US sentiments, and say, base a terrorist organization there, is there? Especially now taht the US is actually exploring having the Talivan help rule the country again , things have gotten so bad?

So, what's next? Are we gonna invite Saddam Hussein's son's back to rule Iraq?

Okay, so maybe I'm biased. I'm not one of the 41% of Americans (and 55% of Republicans; what is it with those Republicans?) who think that weapons of mass destruction (WMDs for y'all that are down with the lingo) have been found in Iraq because I actually read a newspaper and don't take my political views from what I saw on Jay Leno.

I'm glad though, that I don't have to see body bags and wounded soldiers on the nightly news like back in Vietnam. Lemme tell ya, I work hard, and the last thing I need to see when I get home after a long day at work (beside my wife's face. Ha!) is death and suffering on the tv. It just bums me out.

I'd rather just go on pretending that war doesn't affect me. I don't know anybody who died in the war. I don't know anybody who's fighting in the war. Hell, as a white firmly middle class AMerican, I don't really know anybody who's in the Armed Forces. So, what, I'm like, supposed to identify with the janitor's kid or something? Come on, I got my own problems, like my kid just put a ding in the Navigator.

I'd rather just pretend war was just some big video game, and go on trusting what the President and Rummy tell me. I just hope the American media will move on to other things soon, so I can spend 30 seconds thinking how great I am for supporting doing this great thing for the Iraqi people and how happy they must be, and then I can go back to voting for American Idol.

War is a fuckin' bummer, man.