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The appeal of Beckett

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is difficult to really say in words, I think. At least for me. I think Dream is one of his first works (if not the first published, and I haven't read it). His later works have a basic theme. Your existence. Not mine, not anyone elses, but Yours, because the reader (or the audience member at one of his plays) is an active participant. YOU are reading his book or seeing his play and by doing this YOU are trying to find meaning...or at least you are participating in something external for whatever reason. In his work, one "sees" life in an objective way, because he trys to tell us Everyone's life is the same...we are born without a set of rules, try to find meaning in various ways, then die. Thats the story for every single person's life, and he makes you Feel it to the core of your being. And his talent is he does this in a spare and uncomplicated way. He's one of the few writers that has made me change my views of my own unique reality. Again, its difficult to explain in words because he touches that part of you that is beyond words. He's saying our lives are filled with comedy, tragedy, and hope...but Why? Its an unanswerable question, and therein lies the dilemma of our existence. Needless to say, I think his works are very moving. I don't think I explained how I feel about Beckett very well...but there it is. If you stay with him, he'll reward you...even if its in a sad way. He wasn't a nihilist though...he loved music, slapstick comedies, sports, was active in the French underground during World War II, and was loved and did love life.