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art, and hi Oz

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Oz, this is saltypeterman/Zack Daniels/a whole bunch of other names fro IWP. I saw your posting there the other day and decided to look into this site. I'll tell you right now I may never post here again, not for anything I've seen here so far, but because I tend to get too dang involved with debates... heh. That being said, let e give my little rant on the art/ politics thingy. (I'm not a poet, but a CGI artist, so take it with a grain of salt...quetus... um... nevermind... heh)

Art. Art isn't petty in it's purest form. Art is a face done with the depth of the clouds behind you in a sunset. 'Political' art is a zit on said face that's been fed french fry grease for a week, then squeezed to popping, discoloring all around it an angry red. It's forced, childish and snide. Art is a thing of beauty in looks, feel or technique. 'Political' art is a 3rd grader farting at the thanksgiving table. Rude. Some couch their hate speech as 'art' to protect it, there by degrading the perception of art altogether, perception becoming reality.
I know, everyone looks at art differently, at least that's what we've been getting fed, but I for one am fed up. If aliens landed on earth today, what of the finest human traits would you offer up for them to see? Mapplethorpe crucifix in a jar of urine? I could run through lists of both good and bad, but in your honest heart, you know what I mean.
Through human history there has been some political art done, but it seems as if it's the only form getting any attention lately. I speak of the visual arts as that is my 'area', but think if only perverted limericks where taught, where thought acceptable by the 'in' crowd.
Who am I to make such judgments? Who is anyone to not? Don't worry, I am not an insider that could shake things up... no I am just an unschooled person in the ways of proper art, I am not beholden to a clique of highbrows to do what they think is cool. I am simply addicted to seeking beauty, shape and color. If along the way I make others smile, all the better. If I lift someone's spirits, I free them in some small way to think in a direction away from dank dealings of politics.