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Ah, how I love Beckett...

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He's a really brilliant dramatist and writer. He was my "project" in senior year Drama...i performed in Waiting for Godot, and presented a paper on his sole film, "Film". Jayhawks analysis is very insightful and poignant. Beckett will force you to question the "meaning" of yr own life...and why you ever bothered looking for one in the first place. Beckett breaks with the conventions of theater and the conventions of language. Many of his later plays are very, very, linguistically inventive and complex...the meter, the cadance, the way the words mimic gestures...sometimes even the imagery of the language itself...not word choice...but like i said, the meter...the punctuation...can inflect a disengagement, a sporadic element, a disjointedness that pervades the play and is expressed, in all things...the language.

Beckett was wonder it was his Godot that ushered in "Theater of the Absurd"...but the absurd is not is (if you have the will to confront it) a space of possibility, endless play, and freedom...a freedom and joy which is both liberating...and terrifying.