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"His show raised hackles from the conservative art police types in Cincinnati, OH and led to a brouhaha over NEA funding of controversial art." I thought it was over the child pornography and our tax dollars going towards that which disgusts many of said payers. He was free to do what he wishes, on his own 2 cents. Many great artists did through the centuries. Some liberal types saw it as censorship... can I use that then when my art work isn't paid for by anyone but me? I am being censored I guess because I am a conservative? I've thought about doing 'political' art from the right side of the spectrum. It would be easy, and bitterly denounced by the left 'artist clique', never to see the light of day. it wouldn't fit the formula, not of making you think, but of getting over on the mainstream.
By the way, yes I saw the photograph by Andreas Serrano, but forgot the name of the creator. Now that I look into it further, the ones I find have it upright. Wasn't there one with it upside-down? Does it matter? The message was hate to most the heard. Just as there are certain words that some find hateful, though they have no effect on me, I will not use them out of respect. Defend hate if you will, but don't expect the targets to gladly pay for it.

This debate could go on for years, but I don't think either side will be 'educated' or come around. Call me what you will, but I have a life to go live. respond away as you may.