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Not use to the term irony lightly, but I find it ironic that the same people who want to reduce a woman's access to birth control (often called abortifactants) and choice of a safe medical termination are the same people who want to cut back on services like maternal care, nutrition, family planning services, and housing, and of course aid to dependant children.

Louisiana, where I am from, and where many, many christian right wing people live is horrible about taking care of the weakest members of society. I guess my point is that when a woman chooses for economic reasons, it isn’t so she’ll have enough money to take that trip to Florida, it is because she may have just enough to feed the children she already has.

The ultimate middle ground that everyone searches for in this battle, (IMHO) would be to provide more services for women and children, not less, so that if a woman does make an informed choice it won’t be based on the all mighty dollar. It is so hard to get them to understand that.

BTW My son is healthy, handsome, and wonderful. We were very lucky!