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Hate is not what it used to be. These days it's what the person that feels the hate says it is. Example; the 'N' word means little to me in a visceral way, yet to a black person, it is terrible. I don't get to say it isn't hateful, just as you don't get to right off my feelings towards Serrano's imagery.
" I believe that Robert Mapplethorpe is universally considered an accomplished artist". Here's an example of the lopsidedness of the artists community. The only view that has been herd for the last 40 years has been the left one. If a view didn't agree with the left it was ostracized to the point where the left artist elite has pigeon holed it'self. What is basically centrist you see as extreme right only because you have been close minded to the full world of ideas.
As for taxes paid being comparatively small, it's the principal of the thing. I don't want to pay a dime for smug hate speech period. That being said, allow me to turn the tables on you for a moment and say you have no right to argue against the things you don't like paying for. there are activists on both sides, but I guess only the liberal ones are free to speak their minds eh?
Now, as for child pornography. Wonderful thing this internet... a simple google search turned up many references to it. Did you not think of this, or where you hoping I wouldn't? Look for Mapplethorpe's "Rosie" and or "Jesse".
I'm sorry if you feel I am attacking you but it's frustrating being part of an unrecognized repressed group. Try going to an art show full of left minded people speaking oh so freely their political beliefs knowing full well that if you open your mouth you'll be slapped down with great ferocity. When people learn that I am an artist they automatically think I am liberal and the bile comes out. I am appalled at the things they say about republicans and such! I understand now in some small ways what a black man in disguise must feel at a KKK rally. I feel for the
closeted gay man, the ridicule he must hear and yet remain silent. The left cannot tell my feelings they are not feeling hate... that would show little compassion.