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I didn't expect to see you around these parts again. I'm glad you've come back. Finally I have someone that feels much the way I do. Hell, I think IWP in general felt that way. It's only been the last few weeks that I've finally come out and started speaking my feelings. When I originally brought up the politics in art question I was ignored and finally someone bit but my few was finally written off as "interesting." Interesting as in being a view contrary to reality. It's only contrary to reality because a certain group has say over what art is. Funny this group claims to be all inclusive trying to change canon and stuff and yet they always grab hold and run with the liberal stuff. I remember the second week I was here someone wrote a post asking why do Republicans come to Litkicks because it's an artistic sight as if Right meant unartistic. I think that statement said alot.

I'm disheartened that people are so afraid (because that what it boils down to) of art with a political agenda. It in my opinion limits art so much. There is so much more to life.

You should come hangout in mindless sometime.