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I was going to stop

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posting to this other than to talk to friend I haven't seen in some time however allez, you have done the most common thing I see the left do which is to start calling names and acting childish. Salty has just expressed his feelings on how the left makes him feel and then you start making "boohoo" remarks. If this would have been a leftist complaining about the right then you would have been sympathetic. As for me I'm neither left nor right. I don't like either side but by looking from a third point of view I see that the left does have control of the art communities. I am not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination in fact I often perturb my conservative friends (I live in a conservative area) but I still don't believe there should be an NEA. I don't approve of it but then again I don't approve a much of gov't spending. But thanks for labeling a couple of people conservative on a couple of beliefs that are not leftist. You see the left tends to attack nonlike thinkers but then again the right is often quick to attack.

I understood everything salty said I think the only reason you don't is because you can't comprehend any other thoughts other than your own system. No one doesn't think people shouldn't keep in touch with politics hell you should vote and you should know what you're voting for it our responsibility but does it have to take over our art. Art is so much more. And Salty is right, political art is about the only art that hasn't gotten any applaud since around 1955. If you don't think art can go without political influence read some A.R. Ammons. He is considered by many to be the greatest poet of the last half of the 20th century yet he doesn't have much of the left's support because he is consciously apolitical. You read and understand him and you'll understand my point.