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An apology and a suggestion for the people in this thread

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Kerouac was pro-Vietnam! He hung out with William F. Buckley, and thats probably half the reson most of the people are here, and he wasn an avowed conservative. I disagree with his politics, but goddamn he is a good fucking writer! At the same time, a distinction of sorts does need to be made...Im not gonna say The Birth of a Nation was a great film, b/c its RACIST and hateful...same thing with the Eternal Jew and Triumph of the matter how important or great they are, they preach hate.

The same way that I refuse to read Stalin (even though I'm a socialist) because he preaches hate and elitism. The fact is EVERYONE'S speech is overblown in the case. For a "conservative" artist to compare himself to black man at a KKK rally or a closeted gay man is absurd....having LONG been a closeted bisexual man, trust me, I would know. I think that this debate has turned into polemics...when you REALLY examine it, we've all made pretty good points and I want to continue this debate! But please, lets do so in a more thoughtful manner...and I'm chiding MYSELF as well in the post...