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Wonderfully put.

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You've explained Beckett better than I. He shows us our selves in the raw, doesn't he, if we're willing to experience it. And it Can be so terrifying and hopelessly absurd. He shows, I believe, our existential dilemma better then any philosopher because we go beyond just understanding the meaning of our human condition...we literally experience it through his art. Beckett made me step away from my "self" and try to see objectively what I'm all about, and the truths that one sees by doing that can wobble even the most confident of people. Thank god I laugh a lot, because I would've freaked out a long time ago. You can't be completely distraught when you're laughing...I think Beckett knew that. I've only read some short stories, Godot, and the big three--Molloy, Malone Dies, and Unnamable...that was several years ago. I think its time I re-experience them. I'm a serious reader of Buddhist material, and there's a book called Beckett and Zen by Paul Foster that I'm very interested in. And thanks...your thoughts galvanized me..stoked my Beckett fire.