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What IS wrong?

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Why don’t they teach politics is schools - I (foolishly) used to ask myself

Obviously (I would argue) you could take measures to prevent partisan monopolies of political thought (from being implemented by whoever is in power etc.) - you could have a 'conservative' one week and a Labour/Democrat guy next week - you could also take assessed measures to make sure the abilities of both teachers where not out matched etc. etc.

My idea was born out of wondering how to deal with political apathy - and remembering how big and confusing this political world was first time I was introduced to it

Thing is they cant seriously teach you politics because that’s not how the whole orientation of our society is based
- You’re not supposed to think - you’re supposed to do one of the 'worker bee' subjects maths, science. This is why the arts and philosophy are frowned on - they don’t produce good 'worker bees' - they produce people who question, who are critical and free.

Now this is not all conspiracy - smoke filled rooms etc. My point is Western society is based upon a paradigm that doesn’t encourage thought or spirituality - just consumerism materialism (we have all heard these speeches before).

But my point is really that our society denounces things that promote intellectual autonomy - and people soak this attitude up, they are resistant to intellectuality - this attitude where using big words or talking about philosophy you are considered 'pompous' or, well I struggle to find a word for it - which illustrates my point, which is:

This attitude is a product of restraint of 'keeping you down' – “don’t challenge the status quo”, "you are not smart enough", "you don’t understand" etc. etc. - I mean I know as well as any that so called 'intellectuals' can get really annoying (usually for a complete lack of sense of humour) but the mere fact they are intellectually engaged should not be a negative value (it actually doesn’t make sense in this modern world of knowledge and technology – shouldn’t brains be valued).