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Syria . . . Iran . . Syria . . .Iran?

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So many countries to couquer, so little time. The US is again considering military actionagainst Syria, blaming them for the recent ambush attacks on US Soldiers. US Intelligence reports say that armed militants are entering the country from Syria (I wonder if there are the same intelligence reports that told us exactly where to find all the weapons of mass destruction we haven't found yet in Iraq?). This comes a couple days after George Bush amped up the anti-Iran rhetoric, saying they must not be allowed to build a nuclear weapon. And, oh yeah, US troops are being moved into Azerbaijan And you can't forget about Korea.

How does George keep them all straight?

At some point the American people are going to realize that they signed up for more than just the pummelling of a couple weak, 3rd world nations. At some point, hopefully they'll do something about it.