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What's wrong?

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Maybe nothing's wrong. What is, is - and what is is that we are inundated with toys and choices that are more attractive and easy to indulge in that thinking. Turn on TV, play an electronic game, sports toys up the kazoo - are you going to convince young minds that these things are bad. We already gave young people the green light on sex - Hey there's nothing happening, I mean suffering, that affects most young people, that would get them interested in getting more philosophical and socially involved with life. no, and the biggie, oh the biggie, it's called 280 million people, not 100 million or 120, and most of the crowd, I mean most, live in large cities. I don't know Charlie Brown, maybe it just has to run itself out. That, or some smart guy is going to come up with a baseball cap that sheds a little brain dust while the clowns wear it.