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i wasn't suggesting . . .

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a series of poems that start out: dear president bush -- you are a dick. i was suggesting the title of the book would make good business sense as a media hook, and the demographic areas i proposed would feature poems that explored those particular areas. poetic renderings meant to illuminate environmental consciousness, povery consciouness, sexual consciousness, war consciousness, peace consciousness. in a larger sense, that would play right into global political awareness. let our "leaders" hear the words of the poets. we have something to say on these issues, and they have something to learn. but in some cases, that may MEAN calling out the president in forceful terms. that aspect should not be excluded, nor should it be dismissed as cheap & temporal. I see it in the real world. i hear people express their rage on a daily basis. it's real. but again, i only proposed an idea. it's important that you understand my intention, but not important that you use my idea. as i told you in my e-mail -- well, you know what i told you.

peace to you (& all)