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titles are shit

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I'd give amiss at first reading to maggie.
It's good, ain't great.
Kerouac lovin as I am Maggie is 6/10 just like white light white head, great, fantastic, not for everyone, not for beginners and not until you understand the shit they say. I mean imagine listening to sistery ray or waldo before heroin it would be messed up.
T&C if you want a novel novel yeah go for it. It's great.
Dharma bums or in my opinion the subterannians are better than OTR.
But, OTR is great.
I think, if you want ramblin check OTR, if you want real spirituality, check Dharma.
If you want sadness and the bleak morosity(not a word i doubt but dig it) check Big sur or Subs(real sad to me but I don't know bout you all.)

So yeah, um.
Yeah Beta Band
um hmm beer.