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i posted my reply to your question based on what i know about publishers, their choices for publications, etc.

i could say that a publisher might have a high level of respect based on the interest it gathers from the public. this permits them to be more selective about their publications.

personally, i'd rather not make money or be in competition for art. i'd just toss everything out as gifts because i don't believe a dollar value can be placed on such things, except for the supplies, printing costs, and other things required to record yourself.

i seriously doubt i'll ever be published--but that doubt isn't based on my opinion of the quality of my work. it's because i wouldn't allow myself to be. i don't want to be in competition and i don't want anyone else using it to compete, or to make money. if i knew that someone was placing a dollar amount on my work, i'd have to question their right to such audacity as to judge my work so.

i might just be totally nuts though.