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The Republicans shouldn't be too hard to beat. Just think about the following:

Bush and Cheney obviously recognize how blinded and, perhaps, stupid most of the people backing them are, recently, handing a large group of Washington Republicans, a hot dog plate for a $2,000 campaign contribution.

A $2,000 hot dog?

Well, I guess it wasn't all that bad, the Republicans were also offered a small burger on a plate for their big bucks.

I would love to have been able to listen in on that Re-elect Bush Cheney campaign strategy meeting. "Well, Dick, should we give them filet for their two grand, like we did to get elected last time?"

"Hell, no, W, we got these morons where we want them, let's give them Gwartney's** turkey dogs. 911 has them so scared, that we could even consider giving them spam and ketchup. I think Ronald Reagan has a bunch of ketchup left over from his administration. I bet we could get in touch with Nancy and she would donate it to our cause."

"Good thinking, Dick. I don't know what is wrong with me. I should know better than to try and think. I'm in the pockets of a few and I need to stay there. I'm going to go work out. Talk to you in an hour."

Most upper class people see Bush Cheney as the hand that feeds, them, unaware that many of the obscene policies pushed through by their administration will, in the long run, affect all of us, rich, poor, middle class, black, white, mexican, oriental.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaall of us must breath the air.

Aaaaaaaaaall of us will be affected by what happens in and to Iraq and the rest of the world as the current administration rushes ahead with their own agenda, listening to no one but themselves.

The change in aaaaaaaaaall of our civil liberties effected due to 911 will affect aaaaaaaaall of us and not just any real, imagined or made up enemy.

**Cheney strongly denied that he used to own most of the stock in the turkey dog giant and that the fact that he still ate turkey with his friends, the board of directors, had nothing to do with anything and, no, he wouldn't answer any questions about any of it though we all know have to submit to anything he wants us to whenever in the name of freedom. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of us.