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Hard-to-swallow Potter-mania

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Mrs. Rowling in a comprehensive TV this moment:
“I don’t let it be demanded from me to give security to other people’s children”(wow),
“so there will be some more dying..”
and some psychologist explaining that children need to be exposed to some fear, insecurity, cruelty, the same with becoming immune against measles – it would be far more difficult later on..(whee)
…adults read more trivial ‘books’: about football and what to do if your girlfriend has left you..while books for children so often deal with the real deep questions, like where do we come from, what is good and bad – and how to look for sincere friends…
“I never heard a boy telling me that I lead him to occultism – children are far more conscious than adults expect them to be..”
“they offended my father, told him that they know from my books that I hate(d) him..”
in the last book of the series there will be the hormones coming into play between the growing-up children – and in an epilogue I shall describe what became of them after school..

somehow I rather would be interested in an analysis of the influences of personal history, social circumstances, cultural background, and personal psychological development (depression etc.) that led to these phantasies, and how… as a template..
if it would be compressed into 25 pages.

(I liked Pelerine’s recent post about the Potters though/because it had some sarcasm about it:
What are You reading, June 13th:
but nothing against someone loving to be entertained
by those books...)