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It seems to me

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that there's a Large population that Need to be told what to do and, to a large extent, how they should Feel about it. Its the conformist attitude, the herd mentality and there are those (I am one) who sometimes just gets sick of all these people being told what to do, each believing one should only listen to the Mass Mind...and there are those who take advantage of this mentality for huge profit, which is another Mass Mind mentality--marketing and consumerism. Allen Ginsberg, on the mass market appeal, once said, "I don't want my emotional life dictated by Time magazine." Its all mass appeal. But we have to remember that the "Herd Mentality" can infiltrate even those who consider themselves different from the pervasive mass mess. We're a social creature, so we're always looking for something heartfelt to bind us to the human race, because every person is "searching" for meaning...which is why art exists in the first place...and great novels. Yes, many spend their lives following, but the message of Art is for the unique individual emotional life. And looking within, as art calls us to do, one hopefully gets a sense its all In you already, and you don't have to be a follower or be a just have to Be. Anyway, I apologize for digressing if thats what I did...