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Howdy sm

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loved your haikus...great chuckle this morning!

As for someone telling you what to do...heck man, that can only happen if you let them. Oprah has her fans, she is an influence in society and as far as I can tell, she strives to do good giving away bunches of money to worthy causes. Now, you can do as you wish, I do, but I don't resent someone that has a soapbox with something to say. You can pay your nickel, pay attention, or just go your own way. Some people need direction, a road map...some like to strike out on their own in the be-wilderness. I say go for it...but I just don't understand all the negativity towards those that have the bully pulpit. Now if Oprah was espousing some nasty ass fascist bullshit...have a go, but to mash someone because they are popular or trendy and wants to inspire reading? Huh??? What's the deal?