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i had a great history teacher in HS

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He would teach politics. He was a Republican, but he always covered both sides of an issue (he said, "how can you know if you're for something if you don't know about the alternative?"). He would start up discussions in the class about Anything; "should we go to war in Iraq?" "should there be laws controlling abortion?" "should we get rid of the Electoral College?"

I think he must've said 100 times "Oh, I forgot. You're not supposed to talk about that in school. Well, if you don't like it go tell the damn school and they'll fire me." He actually did the swearing too.

He was against the American anti-intellectualism, acknowledging its existence and trying to turn his students in the opposite direction; frequently he would push students to avoid just being a member of The Herd. He got cheerleaders to think intelligent thoughts.

He was an agnostic, too, in a small town where anyone who ain't a Christian ain't thought too well of (although no one would dare approach him on that. His brain was too powerful, it intimidates ignorant people). And he donated to the school library its first copies of the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah

This one man alone is enough to make me disagree with Frank Zappa and many other people about Republicans.