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Though Dennis Kucinich's campaign has only recently come to my attention (in fact, I'd never heard of the guy two weeks ago), he sounds to me like the most progressive of the bunch. He's on record as opposing the Iraq War, voting against the Patriot Act, advocating for universal health care, and being against privatising social security.

Here's his official campaign website:

In regards to TC's labeling of Al Sharpton and Carol Mosley-Braun as "sluts", I have to ask, why pick them out of the lot demonize? I was under the impression that all modern politicians were sluts & whores & pimps & scoundrels. One has to be to compete in that shameless arena.

And LR, Joseph Lieberman displaying "his usual intelligence and integrity"?? That guys is a freakin' pit bull for Israel as well as a religious zealot. What integrity are you referring to?