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"...When clotilde armenta returned to the store, the twins were chatting with Officer Leandro Pornoy, who was coming for the mayor's milk. She didn't hear what they were talking about, but she supposed that they had told him something about their plans from the way he looked at the knives when he left.
Colonel Làzaro Aponte had just got up a little before four. He'd finished shaving when Officer Leandro Pornoy revealed the Vicario brothers' intentions to him. He'd settled so many fights between friends the night before that he was in no hurry for another one. He got dressed calmly, tied his bow tie several times until he had it perfect, and around his neck he hung the scapular of the Congregation of Mary, to receive the bishop. While he breakfasted on fried liver smothered with onion rings, his wife told him with great excitement that Bayardo San Romàn had brought Angela Vicario back home, but he didn't take it dramatically.
"Good Lord!" he mocked. "What will the bishop think!"

Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Gabriel Garcia Màrquez

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