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Ahh, bless...

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Dear Grace, your name implies divine intervention, and indeed that is what your message would require to come true. The majority of (empowered) American citizens would rather chop off their left arm than see a "intellectual pinko" like Chomsky in a position of Supreme Executive power. It aint gonna happen in the forseeable future. Just look how many votes the Green Party polled last time. Instead they elected a congenital idiot... (we have precedent here, just look at that leather-chap lunatic Teddy Roosevelt.) There may just be a slim chance of a Democrat in at the next election, the implosion of the Democratic Party in the face of 9/11 notwithstanding.
Besides which, as Uncle Bill might say, chair of supreme executive power communicates deadly control virus to occupant. What the left needs is the Realpolitik of the right plus a slow build from grassroots up, in the school system, in the media, on the net etc. etc. Remember, THE TRUTH IS ON YOUR SIDE, BUBBA!