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I need help brainstorming my alternative news publication

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Ok friends,

I’m full of ideas today. I want to start an alternative news source in my town. Focusing on community, national, and global news. I need to brainstorm with some people. And I’ve enlisted socially, economically, and environmentally conscious litkicks pals.

Here are my ideas so far.

- Distribution?

If done by email, how would I get the address?

If done in paper format, I would need funding

How many would I produce, monthly? Quarterly? Or just as many as I have time for?


Why you should vote

Community news

Current events with no republican spin

How the administrations decisions affect you

Town alternative crowd


Clearly I can't do this by myself...or maybe I can depend on how big I make it

How do I go about getting writers for this little publication?


Where would the news come from? Alternative media sites are one option.

Interviews for community news is obviously attainable, but what about national and global I just get the balls and see if I can call up someone and interview them?

There are things that people need to know about. There are things going on in this very town that make me angry, and I’m tired of just sitting back and watching them and not being able to do anything about it.

My questions to you are this:

Am I just a dreamer with a lame idea?

Do you think this is possible?

Patience is a virtue, but how long do you actually think it will take to get this up and running?

I want your input on this...HONEST OPINIONS. Even if they are "you're crazy it can't be done."

I can't just stand around anymore...I need to DO SOMETHING.

Thanks for reading.