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Your actually talking to me. I don't blame you for being pissed off. Sorry. Michael Jackson is an extremely strange man, Jesse Jackson would be a much better choice. I saw him give a speech, it was very powerful, like he meant every word he said, I'm not often swayed by politicians but I thought that he actually seemed genuine. Not that a peace nik has a chance of ever being elected to the White House. I don't like Al Sharpton, he seems to be an opportunist.It would be so cool if it happened. Noam Chomsky is an anarchist so I guess that rules him out for the running. I think that he should make a rap record. "I'm a peace loving man". Tony Benn (British leftist politician kind of equivalent to Chomsky) has appeared on record. Too much politics gets stultifying you need a break from it. The arts are refreshing in this aspect.