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I wasn't Impressed.

Posted to What Are You Reading?

I recently discovered G.G.M. I read a 100 years of solitude and thought - who the fuck cares. The characters just didn't invite me and I wasn't that interested in their lives. The writing was a bit interesting but I didn't feel it was very creative. A lot of folklore and myth was incorporated and while some may have felt this was inventice and creative, I didn't. I'm not saying he's not worthe the read, but I still think there are many others we need to approach first. I will name a few: Brothers Karamazov is a must for anyone claiming to be semi-literary, Brave New World - the world can be revisioned with imagination and force, Kafka - yes the world is really this fucked up, DeSade - you think it perverse but think abou the alternative to reality he presents, White Noise - damn Delillo can write like a mug! Bukowski - always good for a break from the serious stuff read and drink, There are some good African writers I can't remember the names too, Yevgeny Zamyatin - not a familiar name but hell of a writer, Tergenov - Russian and bitter but with a poetic twist, Germinal - Zola is inspiring in this one, Michel Foucault - this is theory at its best, Roland Barthes - what an approachable thinker, Frederich Nietzche - No man can compare to his thoughts, Mouhfouz - I think it spelt it wrong but a great writer (Respected Sir is wonderful), Eagleton, Jameson, oh god there is so many. Well read on.