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This is a sortof out-there idea, but I think it fits the form:
what about something kind of like a "pick a path" book. Like, you could have a poem. We'll say it's a poem about love by poet X, then, at the bottom of the page of the poem, you can choose to turn to a page with more poetry by poet X, or, you can turn to a poem from the same thread as the poem by poet X, or you can turn to a love poem by poet A, B or C. I think that way, the "book" form wouldn't dictate clearly what order people read things in. Maybe instead of a table of contents, there could just be an extensive index, with poems listed by poet, subject and title. This way, poetry could be woven together, multiple themes could be addressed, and I think that it would help de-structure the typical front-to-back reading of a book of poetry.