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I've been noticing a backlash against the Rowling books everywhere, which is Hype = thoughtless herd mentality. It arguably is more potent than the backlash organized by Christian fundamentalists a few years ago responding to the books that witchcraft = devil worship. Well, I can say I have never been one to be taken in by Hype or Cultural Hipness. However, I consider myself pretty well-read (very well-read some would say) and am not ashamed to say I've read all of the books (except the latest one) and enjoyed them. Whats more, its been a more positive experience enjoying them with my twelve year old nephew, who has discovered a world beyond tv, video games, internet and the daily trials of trying to "fit in", which is incredibly pervasive in this country no matter how old you are. He has discovered what I call the mindscape, and is now reading Lord of the Rings (difficult reading with mature themes that transcend the fantasy world), world mythology, and other books that make his brain Fly. I understand that, being a country and a people who live off marketing and money-making, this Hype can be looked down upon by "intellectuals", but I believe...I Know...that the Potter craze is significantly better for the soul (as it is) than the next comicbook movie, than the next 90 pound supermodel, than the next "reality" show, than the next pizza special. As far as the Potter books themselves, I could go on about what I, personally, found enjoyable about them, but I won't. As far as the effect of it all, I rather enjoy those same fundamentalists so flustered at what is simply a story well-told. By the way, my nephew found the movies boring next to the books...and I agreed.