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>I'd love to see a publisher with a great name like that >succeed.

So would I! ;-) Thank you for your support.

>I'd be curious to know more about what this venture is,

It's basically an independant press out of Cleveland publishing and supporting the works of NEOH poets.

>how long you've doing it,

Well, technically the first 7BHH book was a collection of poems by Tracie Morris's Perfomance Poetry Class in 1999-2000. There are 15 known copies.

The first official launch was "break the slow kill", a 7-track CDEP of me reading my poetry. It's available for $5.

The first book was/is Mark Kuhars "acrobats in catapult twist", also $5.

>what you're going to do next,

Once I sell all the copies of markk's book, I should have enough money to launch a book by Joanne Cornelius. You can check some of her stuff out at

>whether or not the name was inspired by Isaiah Berlin,

Nope. d.a. levy & mystic visions, all the way. one of levy's presses was "Seven Flowers". I thought we needed something stronger than that to get us going, and to help us survive. Flowers worked well in the 60's, but Clevelanders now depend on beer.

Hedgehog because it's a very Cleveland animal, if not a very poetic animal, in mentality. Stubborn, sometimes blind to the obvious, defends itself by curling into a ball and bearing its spikes to the world.

>etc. etc.

Please ask more questions. I hope I've wet your appetite, and I hope you order some of our products!