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Book club anger

Posted to What Are You Reading?

Your anger has more power to affect you negatively than any of the "drones" of whom you speak, so it's healthier to let it go. I don't know what the huge controversy is. Everyone has had books recommended to them that they hadn't thought to read before. What's the difference between Oprah's suggestion and the suggestion of some wonderful uncle who read it years ago and thinks you'll enjoy it? Through the act of reading, you cannot help but formulate your own interactive world which stimulates creativity. Oprah seems to be filling in for some people who weren't fortunate enough to be socialized in a stimulating, free thought kind of way (or maybe some of her fans just took a shine to the general idea of the book). In any event, no big deal, no worries. Just be glad she didn't recommend George Bush's memoirs or something (or worse yet, Reagan's) ;-).