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Cool, cause boy have I got a question for you.

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As I read this story, I filled in some blanks with what I thought was logical and made sense but last night I was on one of the major Faulkner website (Ole Miss's) that said that Darl was psychic. Their argument is that he was one of the narrators of his mother's death although he wasn't away at the time, and he knew that Jewel was illegitimate, and he also knew that Dewey Dell was pregnant. Do you believe that Darl was psychic or do you have another explanation?

I don't believe he was psychic I have my own explanation. I mean, hell, if they're suggesting that Darl is psychic are they also suggesting that Addie is alive since she narrates after she's dead? I don't think so.

I really did enjoy this book. It did take me a few pages before I got interested but once I did I just couldn't get enough. I was waiting in anticipation of the cement episode (a friend told me about that many many years ago before I realized reading and writing was my love). The story is simple in where it's supposed to go but it becomes complex and fun. I loved it. I just wanted to help poor Vardaman to run the buzzards off. Oh what about that wretch of a man in Jefferson that duped Dewey Dell? Oh man. I admit I do prefer Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom! but I do recommend it to modernist fiction lovers.