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Ferlinghetti's 'European Poems and Transitions'

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Lucky Philip, I found a book of ol'Lawrence's at a used book store for four washingtons. Ferlinghetti is my favorite 'beat'-era poet. He's humorous with a political/worldly/or sensual strategy. 'European...Over all the Obscene Boundaries' is a beautiful mid-life poetical tour through the European Continent. It's a good example of his use of Surrealism and language manipulation.

an alluring example:

Making Love in Poetry:
In a war where every second counts
Time drops to the ground
like a shadow from a tree
under which we all lie
in a wood boat built from it
by an unknown carpenter beyond the sea
upon which peach pits float
fired by a gunner who has run out of ammunition
for a cannon whose muzzle bites heartshaped holes
out of the horizon of our flesh
stunned in sun and baffled into silence
between the act of sex
and the act of poetry
blissed out in the darkening air
at the moment of loving and coming
there is no glimpsing of
the misery of the world

Fabulous! And his concluding poem of the collection "History of the World: A TV Docu-drama" is a beautiful futuristic encapsulation of Ferlinghetti's astronomical-eye. sidesplitting yet true.

I also own his novel 'Her', most famous book of poems 'A Coney Island of the Mind', and a more recent collection of poetry 'A Far Rockaway of the Heart.'

Another great selection to add to an already superb collection of a fantastic artist. cheers