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I finally caved and bought the 5 Harry Potter books...and I love them.

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I read mainly books atleast 60 years old, and most of them 18th century - the 1930's (The art deco being my favorite period *the twenties-thirties*) but recently at the local suparmarche I spied all five J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books lined up with sale tages and I scooped them up and bought them!

I never, ever imagined myself doing this, let alone... imagined I'd enjoy them!

I read the first book yesterday and I had to force myself to put the second one down this morning to attend to a bunch of mundane responsabilities I have been procrastinating.

I am really absorbed in the stories.

I find myself impatient to read the 3rd, as the film on that one has not come out and it will be a completely new scenario for me to read.

Yes, an uber-modern book *and* a major bestseller. Who would have thought?

It reminds me of my earlier youth and how much I loved stories which pull you in and are full of magic. I am beginning to see why people are addicted to the series.