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For those who have/or not read V. -

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Approximately 2am this morning I read the chapter of Pynchon's novel entitled "V. in love." [For those of you out there too afraid to experience Pynchon, V. is several million stories at once but it is mainly about two men, Stencil and Benny. Stencil is searching for a mysterious woman or shapeshifter referenced only occasionally in his slain fathers diary; and Benny is searching for the ultimate state of schemil-dom.]

Last nights chapter ‘V. in love’ was great. Pynchon introduces the character Melanie; who was sexually abused by her father who is incarcerated, falls in love with V. in a lesbian relationship, and is ultimately impaled by a giant pole in her groin while performing an experimental ballet.

Excerpt: “The pole was now erect, the music four bars from the end. A terrible hush fell over the audience, gendarmes and combatants all turned as if magnetized to watch the stage. [Melanie’s] movements became more spastic, agonized; the expression on the normally dead face was one which would disturb for years the dreams of those in the front rows.” This may seem sickly grotesque but one must soak in the accumulative Pynchon to be appreciative.

I’m only several pages from completion and ‘V.’ has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting books that I have read in an extraordinarily long time.