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hey, judih

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<< workshop is what it is. do you really take a poem as you publish it here and leave it forever? >>

Jeez, judih. I have one thing in common with Walt Whitman: I CONSTANTLY change everything. But the idea of a 'workshop' implies that there's no polish on the wood; everything is still highly formative. And it is this message that should be understood by outsiders to the process if they find that a poem they are about to post already appears in LitKicks in substancially the same form. The idea of 'workshop' is for newbies and outsiders to understand what is going on.

<< 2nd...the first litkicks collection is brilliant. would you be able to pick your finest from what you've put up here? >>

I personally know what I have posted. But creating a LitKicks collection would require reading a rather-huge number of poems no matter what. The process would be daunting just finding the Best of the Best -- and then getting permission from all the poets might be necessary if the poems are re-collected as a set of 'best' poems.


Since the site has been spidered by google, you can search within Litkicks without Levi having to do anything special. For example, you can type ... judih ... in the searchbox at google and find all pages that have your membername on them (that is, up until when the website was spidered). You will probably need to look at google's cached pages to make perfect sense of the search, however, since the board is forever changing and poems, etc., get moved down (eventually to the next page) as new ones are added. The dynamism of the boards and the way they are set up is a reason why LitKicks presents an interesting challenge for a websearch. Google's cached pages are what save the day.

-- sharik