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Spontaneous Mind: Allen Ginsberg

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This book is a compilation of interviews. I cannot be other than be impressed by the astute clarity of this man.

The introduction is superbly written by the king of gay blurbs, Edmund White. The preface is written by a close friend of his who became the president of Chekoslovakia, Vaclav Havel.

A great deal could be said about this book, but what particularly impressed me is the interview conducted by a born-again Christian. Ginsberg was sharp in detecting the subtle ways in which the interviewer manipulated the language. Such maneuvers are common thread among those with authoritarian personalities. Ginsberg would not let him has his way; he pointed precisely where real communication between them failed.

If I said everything I want to say about this book, I would have to take a week off from work, and I can't afford to do that.