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Borges, Dickens, Freud

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Still plowing thru Borges Collected Fictions. I'm reading "Artificies" now, the collection immediately following the "Ficciones". The story "Deustches Requiem" is chilling and moving beyond belief. How anyone can capture the complexity of human moral and spiritual existence more perfectly than Borges I don't know.

I also just picked up two new books tonite at a bookstore where I get a killer discount. Dombey and Son by Dickens (with an introduction by Johnathan Lethem no less) and the only work Freud ever wrote on psychotic (he rarely analyzed them) based solely on another individual's writings (the memoirs of a paranoid judge) The Scherber Case who suffered what he called a "nervous illness" characterized by an overwhelming desire to be a woman as well as delusions about his doctor and the belief that he held a special closeness to God. REALLY fascinating stuff...possibly the only writing in which Frued expressly deals with not only psychosis but with an individual who very well may have been a transsexual.