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Desiderius Erasmus, 'Praise of Folly'

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Erasmus has a rather complex style of writing - those long, much-punctuated sentences with many things being said at once. However, he embodies (embodies!!!) Folly and all of her graces wonderfully, and one is simply forced to suspend disbelief.

the tantalising goddess of malarkey gives an exposé on herself, the most apparent of the high, yet being the most overlooked of the gods/esses - she's out to correct the world on the meaning and the all-pervasive presence of Folly. Even the wisest desist to dote and speak like fools to the girlies. the very act of procreation is an act of Folly. The will to live - Folly. Life - Folly. The heavens - Folly! All pleasure is derived from Folly. She's at the centre of it all! And she's hot! really hot!

An older book from the 1500s - I have to say (probably thanks to the excellent translation by Hoyt Hopewell Hudson) that it is a most enjoyable read, making one raise a cheeky eye-brow, laugh, and think all at the same time, for the same reason - out of pure Folly!