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Wait a sec-( multiple ed-s:

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the New School? not the New School for Social Research in NY?

*envious shivers*:)

I hope y- get a chance to enroll in the course. I-m stuck hacking together a doctoral proposal for Cardiff. Something on trying to discriminate Derrida from Althusser along the axis of Althusser-s ideology/science divide & finding that THAT point of divergence can-t be fixed - finding that is that an effective outside( hence not an 'outside') to them both can be( emergently) generated from the enquiry & f-r the ... good of ... all.

( Re- in particular vitiating ... discursive *riggedness* of the deconstructive undoing( re- supposed( that-s: programmed) abandonment of sourcedness-in-a-*logos* &c-))?

Y- think that sounds properly politic? -don-t want a fifth goddamn rejection.:)

Y- know -f anyone-s working on similar ... problems?



aussi: lingering dialectical schemae in Debord-s detournement? -

Lacan I-m not so familiar w- - -think tho- that the later work on the Lacanian Real would be worth going into in depth - wha-d-y-think? -

O & ta! re- 'insightful'.:) How-s work on the post-modernism article going? -m looking forward to the Derrida narrative.