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Lacan and shtuff...

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I think Lacan's work on the Real and the Imaginary is utterly fascinating and very important for understanding Derrida. As far as yr dissertation proposal goes, I think that the ideology science divide in Althusser would be problematic for Derrida, if only b/c of the binarity of it (which implies that science cannot function ideologically, when of course if you look at the history of "race" as a biological concept, e.g., eugenics, can and very meaningfully. Engels recognized this as did Marx to a certain extent. Thus, Althusser's narrative becomes reflective of a reductionistic strain in Marxism that Derrida wants to lose. This divide in Althusser would only conjure up one of the ghosts Derrida is trying to exorcise.)

My recommendation in dealing with Althusser and Derrida is to find a way in which either a) Derrida's critique of Althusser can be mitigated/mediated or b) find an interlocutor that can effectivel negotiate the nuances and linkages between the two, thus cutting between the necessity to choose one or the other (Foucault, Deleuze, possibly Negri depending on how you read him are possible examples)