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Ah but

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I *suspect* - and this-d be where 'original contribution to knowledge' comes in - that if y- try & locate *critically* & *determinately* Althusser-s notion of ideology y- get confronted w- an ... let-s say 'latently aconstructive' *shifting * - that-s too schematic & neologistic but hell -

(from FOR MARX through to ELEMENTS OF SELF-CRITICISM & to the late stuff on aleatory materialism - & of course through the hitherto unpublished material only now coming out (THE HUMANITARIAN CONTROVERSY & the earlier French 2-vol- philosophical collection) -)

(a key ... focus *might* be the non-break (variously) involved in the (various) Althusserian notions of the 'break' - piling on each other in a non-plenum -)

& if y- do this in context of a quasi-Derridean critique (like say Chris- Norris' in 'Deconstruction: Theory and Practice') y- can engineer a situation of latent radical unfunction in & out of Althusser which does something *profoundly* interesting in the process to both this & a Derridean project of ah ... writing (its) writing -

or maybe we can just make up an interlocutor in the process of staging an Escher box of mutual confrontation inter Althusser & Derrida.

The point wouldn-t be to reconcile the two or ev-n emit a synthesis - it-d be to stage something productive of a salutary (a)outside to the both of them. That-s INFINITELY too ... metaphorical. As-s that - too ... hamburgerish.