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Love for Sartre?

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I was struck by the phrase 'Love for Sartre'.

My connection with Sartre began in 1973 when I was a philosophy undergraduate at York University in the UK. Pheneomenology was not popular in those days so I enjoyed rebelling against the anglo-saxon attitudes.

Sartre grew on me - or was it I grew in him? I returned to Sartre off and on for thirty years. He kept coming back (or was it kept returning to him?) because he was the BEST representative of atheism in our time. He showed all the consequences of atheism in the clearest of terms.

I had better mention I am not an atheist - at least not in the absolute sense of the word. Yet God, for me, has fallen from his Judeo/Christian heights, mainly as a result of reading Sartre.

Sarte's Marxism, in most of its versions, seemed inadequate for me, though the Critique is great in its analysis of what bonds or alienates people.

Love Sartre? Yes, I do. He was so totally fearless about meaninglessness and yet at the same time wanted a better world. Courage is what Sartre taught me.