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Summer of the Mets

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by Levi Asher.
Actually, read it in its entirety on the flights from Boston to Milan, and then to Tel Aviv. It took about 3 seconds to get into and then led me happily onwards.

This is not a heavy book - it will not throw you into depression, or other dangerous places. It deals with teenage agonies and life twists and parental reflections but all revolves around the budding expression of Chris, a 15 year old.

Entwined in his life is the exciting prospect of the Mets winning the year's World Series. Baseball, as the bounce-off for Chris's complications, can be stabilizing - and it weaves itself steadily through the story.

Characters are sketched well - Chris, especially - though the boy-girl self recriminations over one phone call is a great scene and one I remember well.

Good book. Pick it up

(thanks Levi)