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an eye opener indeed...

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i absolutely love this book. the main point i drew from it was his theory of how the 'survival filter' can explain the odd case of anyone - from say a schizophrenic to those of distinct talent such as the artist, writer, common genius etc. this survival filter allows us to use only percieve about 10% of what is actually there (to protect us from being overwhealmed) and the "insane" or "gifted" individual simply see's more than that 10% or uses more of their brain than the usual filter will allow. i read this a few years ago and have never looked at the world the same. the use of these drugs certainly expanded the horizons of the mind for mr. huxley but his experiment alone has done the same for me. whether the reader is a drug taker or not, this book is incredibly valuable and will certainly augment one's perception.
also..correct me if i'm wrong but was it from the title of this book that morrison named his band after?