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i understand all this...

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and perhaps i am jaded but what can be done about it? our government certainly does not have the will to up minimum wage or lower the cost of living. i certainly find myself lucky to be able to go to college, but this is only happening because of my fine arts scholarship. i am going to make a random point but i believe that education can solve this problem and for the poor to be educated the colleges' budgets need to be flooding into financial aid rather than these ridiculous athletic scholarships with thousands of dollars in perks for each player who agrees to bless that institution with their presence. and i also believe that affirmative action needs to consider the minority (or more like majority) of the poor and their intellectual ability rather than what color their skin is or that they might be 1/32nd native american...but that's a whole other issue. but then again i think and know that a country cannot run without the people that work these jobs...huxley's brave new world makes this point clear. so once again, what can be done...i really don't know. i think this is what the book should discuss, rather than barbara complaining throughout it.