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The Guinea Pigs-

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By Ludvik Vaculik [Picture and Biography(German)]

I was visiting Sarasota, [touring a prospective college - that I am interested in] and my sensitive snozz found a used bookstore in the downtown area. [No matter what city I travel to, my snozz will guide me to a used book store.]

Inside I searched the Science Fiction Serials [lately I've been enjoying plotless sci-fi] and I stumbled upon "The Guinea Pigs."

Here's what the back cover says:

"In this powerful and sardonic novel an inquisitive Prague bank clerk learns of secret financial operations: a mysterious undercurrent of money is somehow leaving his bank. According to one ancient employee, it may be the first spiral of a whirlpool that will bring down the entire economy, indeed the whole of society. Meanwhile, the clerk decides to keep guinea pigs as pets in his apartment. Fascinated by the small creatures, he conducts experiments to test their reactions, giving them measured doses of danger, then of terror, and finally of torture. As goings-on at the bank grow more bizarre and the clerk's search for the truth more bewildering, the guinea pigs begin to seem human....This extraordinary book was denied publication in its author's native Czechoslovakia. In the United States it has been acclaimed as "one of the major works of literature produced in postwar Easter Europe." "

How could I not purchase a book that was about money swindling and guinea pig torture!? I'm only partway through the book; this is not a typical sci-fi fifty cents fluff and the writing/subject material is intelligent.

The guinea pigs are becoming human-like and the humans are becoming guinea pig-like.

What's going to happen next?