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Firbank is unmistakably the greatest early-modern writer. [-that has influenced my writing 'technique' - if it could be called so.] -- It suprises me that Firbank is not a peer of Joyce or Lawrence as a pioneer of Modern Fiction.

I found a selection of three short novella length stories of Firbanks' at a used book store in Sarasota. Valmouth - Prancing Nigger - & The Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli [Experience is described in an earlier post.]

Here is an excerpt from the story 'Prancing Nigger' [originally titled 'Sorrow in Sunlight' but Americanized by 20's ideology.]

"The latest jazz, bewildering, glittering, exuberant as the soil, a jazz throbbing, pulsating, with a zim, zim, zim, a jazz all abandon and verve that had drifted over the glowing savannah and the waving cane-fields from Cuna-Cuna by the Violet Sea, invited, irresistibly, to motion every boy and girl."

After reading that sentence/paragraph I laughed madly and re-re-re-re-read those words. Outloud, under whisper, on the toilet, and in bed.

I'm going to start a Firbankian Awareness Group. I will spread the farcical gossip pamphlets and line them with subliminable messages.

::Go to the Library and read Firbank. Ronald Firbank. Ronald Firbank. Firbank::

I quote The Guardian: "[Firbank is]Allusive, rich, and now and again comically improper."

::Read Firbank::