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Some Somerset Maugham and Herman Hesse

Posted to What Are You Reading?

Went to a shitty bookstore today , unsure what it was called but it was in the mall and it didnt have much but i felt the need for a book. I bought Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf , i read Demian and loved it. I think ill enjoy Steppenwolf in the same way i did Demian. I also bought Somerset Maugham's Razor's Edge which looked good giving a quick read through. I havent read any of this fella yet not sure how ill like him but ill try anything. He was an ambulance driver in the World War , i know that about him. The story looked interesting and the way its written is personal to the reader it seems. Anything that can tell me some good things about him ill entertain . The girl that sold me the books was very soft spoken and attractive , I could barely hear here when she spoke. Ive been looking to read some good nonfiction , i never read any , any suggestions about journals or memoirs anything ?